For any business, signage is a large capital investment designed to provide an identity that stands out from the competition. Like any investment, your signage needs to be regularly maintained and cared for to keep it in the best shape possible.

Signs are exposed to a multitude of airborne pollutants, resulting in the need to have them cleaned. The lamp and control gear technologies used in illuminated signage come with predictable performance and life expectancy.

Our understanding of these factors means we can effectively plan when best to maintain your signage and we offer a range of maintenance packages to suit your needs.

We also offer ad hoc maintenance as and when you need it, even if we did not install the sign originally, we are happy to provide you with the maintenance you require.

You can download our maintenace package brochure here;

To find out more about the maintenance services we have to offer, please contact us 0191 478 2200.