Signs are one of the most efficient and effective means of communication. Signs help people find you, they reach people who are passing by your establishment, they present an image of your business. In short, signs tell people who you are and what you are selling.

Signs are such a powerful communication medium that it is difficult to estimate the extent of their influence. Other media require the directed attention of the person receiving the message. Signs, however, can convey a message while creating a mood or feeling of atmosphere. It is not necessary for people to give full attention to your sign in order to derive meaning from its presence.

External signage is key to maximising visibility, of both your premises and brand. A sign is an investment. Your sign is one of the most permanent parts of your business and is exposed to weather and constant use. Jonsigns prides themselves on the longevity of our products lifespan, we only use highly skilled workers and quality materials.



One of the most effective ways to draw attention to your visual communication is through an additional lighting source.

The range of options are extensive from the spotlight, trough lighting or flex-faced sign to the fully illuminated light box.

Aluminium fascia panels can be fret cut with acrylic letters manufactured in different ways to enhance your corporate image.

Individual built-up letters can also be illuminated to give a halo or face illumination. Careful choice of colour and intensity can give a superb even illumination.

We specialize in LED and Neon lighting to give your signage that  "wow"  factor.



Flex face signs can be found at many of the larger retail parks, and consist of an illuminated or non illuminated box framework with a PVC skin with graphics to suit.

As these signs don't have the restrictions of acrylic panel sizes, like traditional framed signs, joints or panel sections can be a thing of the past and sizes and shape almost limitless!

Illumination if planned and installed inside the flex face casing gives you brilliant results with a nice smooth spread of illumination.

As previously mentioned our flex face sign service is designed to keep costs to the minimum. Another benefit you enjoy knowing that you are dealing with one supplier. A supplier who does the whole job themselves and a supplier who understands their flex face products inside and out.

We manufacture flex face signs from our own range of specially designed aluminium parts. There are two types of extrusion, one for building flex faces and the other for vehicle application.



Stylish, high quality interior signage creates the right impression on customers and visitors. Whether the signs are purely functional or whether they are to increase brand visibility, Jonsigns can help with bespoke design, fabrication and fitting services.

Promotional signage can not only generate brand awareness, it can also generate sales. Point-of-sale, or POS displays are widely renown for generating impulse sales.  First impressions last, which makes effective interior signage, such as reception signs, a key feature in the presentation of your business.

We can cater for every aspect of your interior signage needs, such as health and safety requirements, navigational signage and graphic displays.

Choose from a number of different products – styles and finishes to complement your companies brand.



Totems & Monoliths are becoming more attractive these days to large organisations.

Fabricated with either steel or aluminium internal frame work depending on size and design.

During the enquiry stage Jonsigns will assess your specification and supply you a Totem or Monolith with correct structure and ground fixings in accordance to your technical specification.

Ground foundations are supplied & fitted with large totems; these are fabricated to a standard specification with M20 high tensile steel rods welded to steel angles. 20mm steel base plates are fitted to the internal structure and M20 lock nuts will hold everything securely.

All Totems or Monoliths are designed and fabricated to your bespoke specification. Illumination or poster cases are just two of the bespoke areas that you can look at to add an extra sparkle to your signage. If required anti vandal lacquer can be fitted after decals and graphics to protect the signage.